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Capsaicin A Hot Nutrition Term You Need To Know About
By: Andrew Cass

A incredible study was released today that demonstrated that the main compound found in hot peppers can cause certain cancer cells to die.

This compound is called "Capsaicin." This is actually the compound inside hot peppers that actually makes them hot, hot, hot.

So the hotter the pepper, the higher the level of Capsaicin.

In today's study released by US and Japanese researchers, the presence of Capsaicin showed an 80% reduction in prostate cancer alone.


I'll tell you this,

The benefits of Capsaicin in hot peppers have been known for years and go far beyond its anti-cancer fighting attributes...

So pay close attention.

Here are the most notable (and dramatic) hot pepper health benefits:

- Anti-inflammatory: Capsaicin has been proven to fight chronic inflammation, a rapidly growing condition in North America.

- Headache Relief: Studies have shown that Capsaicin is extremely effective for relieving AND preventing cluster headaches, migraine headaches and sinus headaches. Another growing problem among many North Americans.

- Sinus Relief: Capsaicin possesses powerful anti-bacterial properties that naturally clear out congested nasal passages. Its no secret that your eyes water and you often get a runny nose when you eat a really hot pepper. That is the cleansing process at its finest.

Even small amounts of Capsaicin have been shown to prevent chronic nasal congestion.

- Arthritis Relief: Capsaicin offers pain relief to swelling joints.

- Gastric Relief: A study at Duke University showed that Capsaicin may actually lead to a cure for certain intestinal diseases. ANOTHER growing health condition among North Americans.

And last but not least,

Drum roll please...

- Fat Burner: Yes, thats right! Capsaicin is now one of the most active ingredients in many popular fat burning supplements on the market today. Capsaicin increases overall metabolic functions which in turn, helps your body to burn more calories and fat.

The LARGEST growing problem among North Americans - Obesity!

As a matter of fact, when the FDA banned the ever popular fat burner ephedra from the market a few years back, supplement manufacturers needed to search for a more natural thermogenic (fat burning) ingredient.

Many of them landed on Capsaicin which has many of the same fat burning effects without the negative, stimulant effects on heart rate that ephedra has.

The Solution:

Eat more hot peppers! But, now you know that already.

Many people cannot eat hot peppers though. Some are allergic and others just can't stand the heat.

You know what they say: if its too hot, then get out of the kitchen.

No, seriously...

ALL peppers are members of the 'Capsicum' family and ALL peppers contain Capsaicin to some degree.

So try to add fresh, organic whole red peppers or green peppers to your diet. The hotter the better but again, if you cannot stand the heat stick with the originals - sweet green peppers or red bell peppers will do!

And if you cannot get your Capsaicin from fresh, organic food sources look for a good Capsaicin supplement. Just make sure it is USDA Organic and, if possible, pharmaceutical grade for highest potency.

I only prefer supplements in water soluble (liquid) form and I doubt if a Capsaicin supplement can be found in liquid form (boy could that do some damage).

Your next best bet is gel caps and I am quite sure those are available.

Take Action!

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Andrew J. Cass is an Alternative Health Consultant, Lifestyle Coach and Certified Nutritional Consultant with a specialization in Integrative Nutrition, Age Management, and Personal Development. Alternative Health and Wellness Author, Editor, Entrepreneur. He also serves as a Consultant for a Lifestyle Design Company.

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